Chapter 3 Anal Sex Ultrasound JOSHUA

Joshua couldn’t wait to return to Dr. Wolf’s office. Being where the two first met filled him with a giddy excitement that was hard to control. He... fantasized about being back on his exam table and getting filled on his massive cock over and over. When he finally managed to get in at the end of a work day, he found himself reliving all the thrill and heat of his first visit. Dr. Wolf let him know that it was just the two of them, save for the tall medic’s handsome nurse, Cole. With no other patients to worry about, Dr. Wolf was able to give his full attention to his little lover. The two wasted no time in kissing and groping each other, feeling their size difference everytime they leaned up or down to meet face to face. Joshua still couldn’t believe how tall Dr. Wolf was towering over him like a Titan everytime he came up from a passionate kiss. He wondered what he did to get so lucky. To think he could have found any other doctor and not be in the presence of such a big, strong, handsome man. When Dr. Wolf got Joshua completely out of his clothes, the giant couldn’t resist grabbing the smaller man’s massive cock. Despite his shorter stature, he was impressively hung, gifted with a massive member that the taller man loved to play with. Joshua loved the attention, but he was singularly focused on getting Dr. Wolf’s mammoth monster back inside him. Pulling out his shaft from his dark pants, Joshua stood stunned at the sight of the throbbing cock that managed to hide within the tall doctor’s clothes. It seemed impossibly big to be able to be contained in regular pants, seeming even more impressive as it came up to the shorter man’s chest! Joshua dove down on it, taking it into his mouth and feeling it stretch his jaw. He knew it was a struggle to swallow down, but he enjoyed the uphill battle of will. He would do anything to feel Dr. Wolf’s cock inside him, anywhere he could, any way he could, even if it meant unhinging his jaw in the process! Dr. Wolf put Joshua back on the table, gazing down at his beautiful, smooth body, spreading his legs and opening up his sweet, smooth butt. His hole was open and ready, and the look in Joshua’s eyes practically begged him to push into him. Dr. Wolf contemplated it for a moment, thinking about feeling his rigid tool move deep into his gut until his sphincter kissed up against the base of his penis. But in thinking about this intense penetration, a pervy thought came into his head. Calling his nurse in, Dr. Wolf wanted to show Joshua just how much his little body was taking of the tall giant. Joshua was so hot and horny for Dr. Wolf, he would have done anything he asked. When Cole came in, Joshua was amazed by the angelic beauty of the young man. He wasn’t as tall as Dr. Wolf, but he stood several inches about Joshua all the same. The short bottom laid back on the exam table, feeling Dr. Wolf push his bare cock into his hole as Cole pulled his member out of his pants. Cole was practically a smaller version of Dr. Wolf. His body was toned and strong and his cock was almost as thick and long as his boss’. Before Joshua could size up all the similarities, he was taking the young man’s monster cock into his mouth as Dr. Wolf was drilling him deep. Joshua was in heaven, he could have stayed splayed open while getting spit roasted all day long. He stroked his cock and moaned escasticly over Cole’s cock, reacting in time to Dr. Wolf’s thrusts. It was only then that Dr. Wolf asked Cole to retrieve an ultrasound tool, still while the older man was several inches deep inside Joshua. Joshua wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but as long as Dr. Wolf kept himself more than half a foot deep into his gut, he was happy to go on the adventure… [Read more]

Chapter 24 Austin’s Two Daddies AUSTIN

It’s no secret that Austin loves his king-size men. He relishes the feeling of their larger bodies wrapping around him, practically caging him in th...eir limbs as they breed him deep again and again. While he’s not one to kiss and tell, his tall companions can’t help but gush over their compact bottoms. Dolf and Dallas have been friends for years, sharing everything from secrets to fluids! When the two of them got to bragging about their recent sexual conquests, the similarities in their experiences were more than circumstantial. Each handsome, muscular, giant daddy described the tight, tiny bottom that they had who could take it like he was born for it, ultimately realizing they were describing the same amazing bottom: Austin! These two guys aren’t the least bit jealous. In fact, their minds went right to the same place. Coordinating their efforts, the two men managed to do something they’d never done before: share their fun-size guy together! When Austin arrived, he practically couldn’t contain his excitement. Seeing Dolf and Dallas sitting side by side on the bed was a beautiful sight to behold. Each man was over 6’4”, covered in tattoos and muscles that made them appear even larger! The striking silver of Dallas’ hair contrasted beautifully against Dolf’s rich, dark beard. Austin knew he was in for a treat and could hardly wait to get it. Standing next to the seated men, he barely stood eye to eye. His little frame was dwarfed by them, becoming even more so as their arms and hands passed over his body. Austin was in absolute heaven, feeling them paw at his butt and kiss up and down his chest. His little hands couldn’t help but gravitate right to their bulging crotches, familiar with what each daddy giant has concealed. Once he had his pants and underwear off, the handsome men wasted no time in teasing his tiny hole. Austin moaned and as their fingers stretched his pucker, exposing the pink of his sphincter as they smiled and laughed with delight. They each loved having Austin’s body naked and completely at their disposable, but the idea of sharing him as a couple of buddies made it all the more fun. The thrill of being dominated and shared between these two titans got Austin rock hard, but it was the shaft of each of his mature masters that he was interested in. He dropped down between their legs, pulling off their briefs and swapping each cock in his mouth. He practically unhinged his jaw to get Dallas’ meat between his lips, taking it down to the balls and trying not to gag. He moved over to Dolf, doing the same, failing to keep his throat from closing in on the big man’s tool. Austin wanted to be fucked, though. He saw the glistening supply of saliva that his throat provided to the knob of the dark bearded top and turned around to sit down on it. His tight ass felt the intense pressure of the thick member as it kissed his hole, resting in place for a moment before it split him in two. Austin stood practically standing, his knees barely having to bend to get completely down on the seated giant’s member. Dolf looked down as Austin expertly milked his tool, loving the way his size allowed him to mount himself and still stand tall. Dallas watched on in glee, stroking his still-wet cock, waiting for his chance to experience the soft insides of Austin’s hole on his cock. He didn’t rush his buddy, though. He knew there was plenty of the tiny twink to go between them. And he wasn’t leaving without a full supply of each of their loads… [Read more]

Chapter 2 Special Holiday Guest JOSHUA

Dr. Wolf is such a cool guy. I’ve only known him a few weeks, but we’ve really hit it off. I actually met him for the first time when I visited hi...s office. There was an instant chemistry, we were helplessly drawn together and we ended up having sex there and then! In his office! It felt so wrong - like we were breaking every rule in the book - but that just made it all the more exciting. I don’t think anyone who saw us together would EVER think there was something sexual going on. He’s older than me and more than a foot taller! Not that I’m complaining. I love tall guys. And he loves short guys. Win-win… He invited me over to his place at the start of the holidays. He lives right on the edge of town in a huge house. When I arrived, he led me straight into the sitting room. It looked real festive with a giant tree in the corner covered in beautiful lights with all sorts of presents underneath. He literally swept me off my feet as soon as we got in there and started kissing me so passionately. I was standing on tip-toes and he was sort of squatting but I was still a lot shorter! I loved how that felt. I was powerless in his arms. Powerless but somehow utterly protected. I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. And he’s such a good kisser. He was pulling my jeans down as we made out. He pretty quickly exposed my ass and had his finger in my hole and my dick out before I knew what was happening! We got naked pretty quick and I got on my knees and started to suck him. He’s one of those guys who you just want to impress. He’s so dominant and sexy - and plainly very experienced with men - so you have to work real hard to make sure you’re giving him an amazing time. I got my mouth good and wet and tried to take as much of his giant dick into my mouth as I could. He laid down on the rug and got me to squat over him so he could suck my dick while I sucked his. I’ll confess, I got hugely turned on by the sound of slurping, knowing the noises were coming because he was trying to pleasure me as much as I wanted to please him. It wasn’t long before he started to work my hole. He rammed his big rough tongue up there, before pushing his fingers in to stretch me out. There was a giant teddy bear under the tree and he pushed me onto it so that my ass was up in the air. Moments later he started to sink his giant dick into my hole. It was intense! That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. My entire body was shaking in a mixture of agony and deep, deep pleasure. I couldn’t believe how far inside me he seemed to be and how much his dick was forcing my hole apart. No one before him has ever made me feel like that. Part of me was screaming for it to stop, but most of me didn’t want it to ever end! I just loved feeling like his boy. I felt so connected to him. He turned me onto my back, made me hold my legs up, and started to fuck me really hard. His cock felt so good driving in and out of me. I just lay back, in some kind of trance, grabbed my dick, and started to jerk it until I could feel the cum rising in my balls. I shot all over my chest and ended up with a big pool of watery cum between my nipples. Dr. Wolf went harder and harder. The sight of me cumming obviously made him super horny. It felt like he was fucking the semen out of me. But he just kept going. Flinging me about to get as far as he could into me. He came inside me. Really deep into my guts. It felt amazing gushing into me. So intimate. And so so special. [Read more]

Chapter 9 FunSize Boy Workout MARCUS

I’ve been wanting to get my hands all over young Marcus ever since I became his coach a year ago. Marcus is the very definition of a pocket-rocket a...nd, at 6’6”, I get very excited by that size difference! Especially when it comes to sex; I love the feeling of a young guy riding my dick! But with these young guys, it’s always hard to know what they’re interested in. Even when they’re looking up at me wide-eyed and excited, I can’t tell whether they’re interested in me sexually or just enamored with the idea of former basketball player showing them how to handle their balls! Marcus was especially difficult to read in that department. Sometimes I’d catch him looking over at me with such intensity that I assumed he’d be up for taking my dick hard and raw there and then! Other times, he’d seem more shy and reserved. My only option was to keep the charm turned on at all times and feel it out slowly… I finally got to have a moment of clarity one evening when he asked if he could have a one-on-one training session at his folk’s house. It would have been an outright “no” had he not told me in the same breath that his parents were out of town and that he had the place to himself. How could I have turned down such an enticing offer? I got him out on the deck doing sit ups and push ups. He was working up a good sweat and we were getting along great. Then I managed to get him into a pretty compromising position for more situps, with his legs wrapped around my waist. I love it when I can get a boy in that position! It instantly showed him how big I am next to him and gave him a little flavor of how hot things might get if we decide to move things to the next level… I put him down, got him to take his top off, and started feeling him up as I complimented him on his tight little body. I could tell he was getting turned on, so I took my own top off and planted my lips rather squarely on his. It was a fairly outrageous gesture but he responded well. Within seconds, we were kissing like a pair of horny school kids! His cute little hands were instantly all over me. He grabbed my rock solid cock through my shorts and started to tug at it. I pulled it out of its underwear cage and he dutifully dropped to his knees and started to suck. This boy was certainly no stranger to the concept of giving a blow job! He knew exactly what he was doing–and it felt so good! I stood him up and pulled his shorts down so the two of us were completely naked. I tried to forget that we were at his parent’s place and just went with the moment. I just hoped they didn't have hidden security cameras! I laid on my back and got young Marcus in a 69 position, him sucking me as I got my lips around his surprisingly large dick. These pocket gays often have surprisingly big packages. Then I told him we were gonna do some special pushups I’d been eager to show him. He laid face down on a mat with his ass in the air and I hovered my body over him. He was so small I practically covered him completely! Then, with him in the right position, I lowered myself down until my cock slid right into his tight, hungry hole! After that, he was back to doing pushups with my tool sliding in and out of his body! After getting ten bareback reps in, he collapsed down on the mat, trembling with exhaustion, but I was still inside him. I dropped on top of him and he suddenly felt the true size of my meat penetrating his guts. I don’t think he could quite believe how big I was. He started squealing and whimpering as I slowly started to thrust myself into his tight little hole. Man, it felt good. As he got more used to my size, I was able to go a little harder and deeper. It’s even more fun when they start to open up a little. I was completely in charge. Dominating him. Making him my little fuck toy. I picked up the pace, pushed his legs apart, and started to bang him hard. Judging by the noises he was making, I don’t think he’d ever been fucked like that. It was a real privilege to introduce him to proper sport fucking! Then I laid on my back and made him get on top of me, feet on my giant thighs, riding me like a jockey rides a thoroughbred horse. And he did a pretty good job! All that push-up training has given him great stamina and very good core strength. And I could feel my pre-cum going all foamy at the base of my cock. I knew I was gonna bust my nut and decided he was riding me well enough for me to blast inside him. Cumming inside is a special treat I reserve for the best boys. I started banging my dick into him, faster and faster, until I suddenly exploded. And I shot BIG! He must have felt my dick throbbing so hard and the creamy juices literally gushing into him. It was a spectacular orgasm which I won’t be forgetting for a long, long while! [Read more]

Chapter 1 Dr. Wolf's Office JOSHUA

Joshua had only been in town a couple weeks before the need came for him to get a new doctor. Starting a new job, new insurance, he had to find a new ...PCP. He’d never been personally connected to a doctor before, so he just scrolled through names online. The name “Wolf” intrigued him, and since he knew he was more or less completely healthy, he scheduled an appointment with the lupine-named medic. Joshua knew he’d made the right choice when Dr. Wolf entered the room. The doctor was strikingly handsome, his beautiful, masculine face perfect framed by a pair of glasses. Around his neck was a stethoscope, resting comfortably over his long white lab coat. “Long”, being the operative work, as Joshua notices instantly how tall he was! Joshua had always been shorter and slighter, spending most of his youth as the runt of his siblings. He never thought much of it beyond the usual shopping experiences, trying to find clothes that fit his smaller body that didn’t have superheroes or cartoons on them. Even in his personal life, his size never really came up ...except for when he took off his pants. Most guys don’t expect someone of his height to have a dick as big as his, something that Joshua didn’t mind at all. But when it came to Dr. Wolf, Joshua felt the stark contrast between them. Getting measured, weighed, and inspected thrust the giant man right beside him. Joshua was struck by how he only came up to his chest, practically beneath his armpits! He went through the motions of being a compliant, easy-going patient, doing as the bigger man asked, all the while feeling a rise in his loins that was sure to get noticed. When Dr. Wolf put his hands on Joshua’s chest, it became clear that he wasn’t going to be able to hide his arousal. Joshua tried to steady his breathing, but every look and touch felt so intimate and charged witch sexual tension that he could hardly believe this was a routine visit. He’d been on dates with less chemistry! As the exam progressed, Joshua was laid out on the table, arms to the side while Dr. Wolf began to palpate his chest and stomach. His experienced hands moved downward, feeling toward his groin and around his genitals. As the doctor leaned over against the side of the table, Joshue could feel something unexpected brush against his hand: Dr. Wolf’s hard cock! He couldn’t believe it! Not only was he getting aroused, but the doctor was well! Joshua didn’t know what to do, lying patiently as the older man touched him, trying to stay professional. But in a moment of bravery, Joshua’s hand moved toward Dr. Wolf’s crotch. It felt hard and massive, easily bigger than his own, which is pretty big already! He imagined the beautiful sight of this Titan of man with his monster cock. It was then that Dr. Wolf looked at him and said, “Do you want an exam or do you want to play?” It was said with a friendly, inviting tone that made Joshua’s cock instantly perk up. This was happening! “Maybe both?” he said sheepishly, not sure how to proceed but wanting to make it clear (even more than his bulge indicated) just what he wanted. Dr. Wolf smiled, gave Joshua’s crotch a playful grope, and said he’ll finish the exam out and then they can have a little fun. For the remainder of the checkup, Joshua couldn’t tell what was routine and what was flirting, knowing that he was minutes away from getting the handsome giant’s cock in his hand... [Read more]


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