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Chapter 2 Job Well Done TOM

Having his bathroom fixed had certainly turned out to be an unexpected trial for Tom. The building work went on way longer than anticipated and the re...lentless hammering and banging did nothing but set his teeth on edge. He got into a routine of heading to his bedroom the moment he returned from work, donning a pair of noise-canceling headphones and doing everything and anything he could - from watching crappy soap operas on TV to jerking off to porn like a crazy person - to take his mind off the madness-inducing racket. Tom’s always been a believer in the manifestation of positive thought, however. He genuinely feels there’s something good to be found in every terrible situation. And the positive outcome of three weeks of relentless noise? Totally unexpected, utterly mind-blowing sex with one of the contractors! Cain is almost exactly what Tom would describe if asked to define his perfect man! He’s stocky, silver-haired, hung like a donkey, with a face like a cute teddy bear. Even his dusty, cruddy boiler suit seemed to get Tom’s pulse racing. And it’s everyone’s fantasy, right? You’re lying in bed watching porn on your computer when a real life daddy bear wanders into your room and nails you within an inch of your life? Then, of course, when the same hunky plumber turns up in your room the following night to tell you he’s clocking off unless you need anything else from him… Well, what’s a boy gonna do? A few seconds later, Cain’s giant hands are on a tour of Tom’s pint-sized body and his hungry tongue is painting the back of the boy’s throat! Cain loves the sensation of being with a guy that he could snap in half if he chose to and Tom is utterly turned on by that very same element of danger. Deep down he knows Cain’s a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but there’s always that horny seed of doubt which sets in when you’re forced to accept and embrace your powerlessness in the mighty arms of a Titan! Cain rapidly unzips his boiler suit and slides it down, exposing his beautiful, beefy body and that well-defined chest of his, covered in that light coating of copper hair. Sexy, skinny-boy Tom suddenly seems half his size; a toy in the arms of a juggernaut! They strip naked and Tom gets his soft lips wrapped around the older man’s ever-thickening shaft. Cain is soon thrusting his rock solid dick deep into Tom’s throat. The helpless boy chokes. His eyes water. His cock throbs… Tom dives down onto all fours and presents his hungry hole to the mammoth man. Cain gets his tongue lodged just about as far inside it as he can, to get it good and wet for the hard, rough pounding he’s in the mood for giving. And then it’s game on… Cain drives his raw dick deep into Tom’s peachy ass and starts aggressively thrusting it in and out. The feeling is sensational. It’s skin on skin. The gasping boy’s tight butt muscles squeeze the older man’s dick as he fucks with increasing speed and power. This is banging at its most brutal. Cain throws Tom onto his back and continues his destructive mission. Tom’s eyes bulge. He yells, almost starting to panic. A man’s meat has never been that far inside him before. He attempts to regulate his breathing and tries to relax his anal muscles, willing Cain’s dick to slide in and out without entirely wrecking him. Cain pulls out and pushes Tom to his feet before penetrating him from behind, lifting one of the sexily flexible boy’s legs up in the process. It’s in this position that the huge difference in their size becomes most apparent. Both guys are in a state of intense, erotic ecstasy. Neither wants this ride to end. Tom suddenly finds himself pushed against a wall, being skewered so hard, his feet almost leave the ground. Cain engages the full power of his huge, muscular thighs and the results are spectacular. Tom is rendered utterly silent by the savageness of the relentless pounding. Cain’s heavy balls crack against the boy’s ass with the same rhythmic precision as the hammer blows which sent Tom rushing to his bedroom in the first place! Tom’s dick literally explodes. Huge jets of pure, white semen fly uncontrollably from its tip. Dripping with sweat, Cain smiles smugly to himself. [Read more]

Chapter 11 Ripped and Ready MARCUS

Marcus thinks he’s so sneaky. When he first laid eyes on king-size daddy and local tailor, Mr. Steele, Marcus knew he needed to come up with a reaso...n to visit that shop more and more. Tearing holes in an old pair of pants seemed like an easy way in! Mr. Steele saw right through that and told Marcus that the fun-size boy doesn’t need a reason to come in for a “fitting.” Marcus felt his dick swelling immediately! A quick glance downward showed Marcus that Mr. Steele was ready for some big/small action! Mr. Steele strips Marcus down while they kiss passionately. Marcus feels Mr. Steele’s hard cock rub against him through layers of clothing and decides he wants to free that monster dick for a taste. Mr. Steele’s rock-hard and ready for Marcus and his mouth. Marcus may be small, but his throat happily opens wide for Mr. Steele and the giant daddy moans his approval. The boy’s got a talented tongue and throat combo going! The tailor could take this throat-swabbing for hours but he’s got a different hole in mind for his big tool. Mr. Steel is able to pick Marcus up with ease, showing off his incredible strength, turning him around to give Mr. Steele’s tongue a turn! The silver fox dives deep in Marcus’ hot hole, probing his tender spots that can give such pleasure. Marcus is feeling the intense sensations and can’t help groaning in ecstasy each time Mr. Steele’s tongue plunges into his hungry hole. But this rimming is not just for Marcus’ pleasure. Mr. Steele is very experienced with fun-sized boys and knows Marcus’ hole needs to get prepped for what’s to come. The tailor knows the sewing table is the perfect place to bend Marcus over and shove his raw, rigid dick into that little hole. He enters slowly at first, giving the boy a chance to get used to having such a big dick probing inside. A smile pops onto Mr. Steele’s face as the boy’s hole opens up and pulls his hard cock deeper and deeper inside. Marcus can’t help but moan in pleasure as the monster dick pushes further and further in. That’s Mr. Steele’s cue that he can pick up the pace! Mr. Steele picks Marcus up and moves him into another position, barebacking him doggy-style on the floor. Marcus’ moans fill the room. You can tell Mr. Steele is also loving it because his low-pitched grunts match up with the boy’s higher-pitched sounds. They both get louder and louder as the pounding intensifies! Mr. Steele is getting close and that turns Marcus on even more. He’s begging for that dick to go deeper, faster, harder! This king-size daddy is ready to bust a king-size nut! [Read more]

Chapter 5 Dr. Wolf’s Kitchen TOM

Tom woke up in the doctor’s arms, and, as usual, put on some clothes and made his way down to the kitchen to scavenge for vast quantities of food. I...t’s amazing how a night of passion can make a young boy hungry! Dr. Wolf woke up to the sound of the fridge being obsessively opened and closed and figured he ought to go help the boy find some food. He staggered a little bleary-eyed into the kitchen to find Tom standing at the sink, shirt off, tiny tight ass like a ripe little peach in his pants. It was a sight the doctor wasn’t quite ready for, and the result was powerful! As he walked across to the boy, he could feel his super-sized cock rapidly stiffening in his pants. It was terrible timing. He looked at his watch and realized he was already running late for work, but he couldn’t stop himself. Seconds later, they were kissing insatiably and the doctor was pulling down Tom’s pants and exposing the beautiful butt that he’d filled with load after load throughout the night… And before either of them could be rational and resist, they were all over each other again, hard as fuck and ready for yet another round! Tom unzipped the doctor’s pants and immediately started to coax his rock solid dick out of his tight underwear. The gesture was immediately reciprocated and, within minutes, both men were naked and highly aroused, leaking vast quantities of precum and gagging for a fuck. Dr. Wolf got Tom leaning over the marble-topped work service, one leg up to fully expose his ripe hole, which was still glistening with semen from the previous night’s exertions. Dr. Wolf’s dick ought to have slid right up there without any particular effort, but Tom’s ass is as tight as anything, even when it’s spent the entire night being boned ragged! Tom will never grow tired of the feeling of the doctor’s dick, especially the eye-watering moment it first pushes through his sphincter, sending overwhelming waves of almost magical excitement crashing around his body. As usual, Dr. Wolf kicked things off real slow, gently getting the boy used to the feel of his member before picking up the pace and speed. Before long, he was thrusting every inch of his double-sized dick deep into the gasping boy’s guts! [Read more]

Chapter 2 The Plumber’s Helper DANNY

Danny couldn’t stop thinking about his encounter with Mr. Marko. The contractor had opened him up and stretched him out in a way he couldn’t And not only was he super tall and big, he was hung! Danny kept hoping he’d have another chance to see him before he finished his work. Luckily for him, Dr. Wolf had another service request while he was away, asking Danny to let in the contractor and make sure he was taken care of. Little did Danny know that Mr. Marko had asked to come back himself! Dr. Wolf knows how fun it is to play around with a little guy, especially while on the job. So when Mr. Marko offered to fix a few more things in exchange for time with the tiny house guest. Danny didn’t want to get in the way, keeping to himself when the big guy came in. Mr. Marko put on an aloof attitude, focused on work and business, keeping Danny on his toes. He liked seeing the puppy-dog look in his eyes, practically begging to be fucked. He wanted to let that go on a little longer before ramming Danny hard again. It only took an hour or so before Danny’s curiosity got the better of him. He slipped into the kitchen, looking to see if he could lend a hand to the contractor. Danny knew nothing about plumbing or house infrastructure, but he couldn’t resist being beside the handsome ginger daddy. Mr. Marko was down on the kitchen floor, cramped into the space under the sink with his long legs bunched up. Even on the floor, he still looked like a giant. At his size, it’s impossible to not always look like a superhero. “Anything I can do to help?” Danny asked. His voice was timid, only the slightest bit shaky, but clearly overcoming fear with bravery. “Can we fuck again?” was what he really wanted to say, but managed to not come off so desperate. But he wasn’t fooling anyone. Mr. Marko’s cock instantly got hard, knowing that his plan had worked. Fortunately, it was stuffed into his workman’s outfit so it didn’t give away the game. He told Danny to grab a tool and come over to help him under the sink. Mr. Marko could barely get out from under the tabletop, so it was actually helpful to have Danny be able to grab things for him. But more than anything, he loved when Danny straddled on top of, putting his little legs around either side of him, sitting right on his swollen cock. Mr. Marko put a hand on Danny’s butt, filling his palm with the entirety of Danny’s backside. Even knowing how plump and juicy the boy’s butt was, It was like a perfect fit in the giant’s massive grip. Mr. Marko got up and got Danny on his feet. Standing side by side, he was amused that Danny barely came up to his chest. In order to give him a kiss, he had to pick him up entirely, lift him up off the ground, and cradle him in his arms! Danny didn’t mind, though. He loved being high up in Mr. Marko’s arms, feeling his body against his epic chest, desperate to get him out of his work outfit. But to start, he took off his own shirt. Mr. Marko ran his hands all over Danny’s smooth torso, pressing him close against him while also leaning in to kiss him deep. Danny had to twist his head around behind and up to reach, but he was happy to be in the ginger giant’s embrace again. Mr. Marko pulled Danny’s pants and underwear down, giving him a view of the perfect, pale peach Danny had hidden away. It looked even better in the bright light of the kitchen compared to the dark basement. He could appreciate just how pink and tight Danny’s hole was, knowing how adept it was at taking his thick daddy dick. And knowing it was about to again… [Read more]

Chapter 10 Afternoon Delight MARCUS

Something changes when the days start to get longer. The extra bit of sunshine makes its way into the muscles and flesh, bringing out an extra bit of ...enthusiasm and energy that is often lacking in the winter months. Dr. Wolf is keenly aware of this and he takes full advantage of it when it comes to his house guests. He and Marcus were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day of watching movies and TV when the bright sun had filled him up with a particularly potent amount of sexual energy. He couldn’t keep his hands off Marcus’ little body, feeling it resting beside him and generating a pleasant degree of heat. Dr. Wolf’s feet stretched out far past Marcus’ making it all the more apparent just how tiny Marcus was next to him. That alone would have been enough to get his loins stirring, but the warm, radiant light of the day made it all the more intoxicating. Dr. Wolf removed Marcus’s shorts, giving him a look at his soft, smooth butt. The round little cheeks filled his hands as Marcus moved on top of him, meeting the moment with a passionate kiss. Marcus couldn’t get enough of how Dr. Wolf touched him and teased, knowing that what was coming was an amazing midday fuck. Dr. Wolf fingers Marcus’ hole, tugging at his nuts and really playing with his body. The tall giant could feel his boy getting worked up more and more with each passing moment, and his own cock was beginning to crave some attention. Standing up, Dr. Wolf dropped his shorts and allowed Marcus to explore him similar to how he’d done. Marcus was no stranger to the massive bulge of his host, admiring it through his tight underwear before releasing it from its entrapment. The monster cock fell out like a falling tree, hard as a rock and rigid from tip to base. Marcus looked up at his giant daddy, eager to see his expression as Marcus attempted to take it all down. Dr. Wolf knew this was no easy task, but he always loved seeing his little guys go for it. Marcus slobbered up and down, gagging and struggling as his throat stretched to take more. He did as much as he could, but the challenge was difficult for anyone, especially a fun size guy like him. Dr. Wolf leaned back on the couch, cock drenched in slick saliva and still pulsing hard. He carefully brough Marcus down on it, letting him work his way onto his shaft with his tight, tiny hole. Marcus did all he could to position himself for it, even placing his feet on Dr. Wolf’s long legs. The tall man supported Marcus as his hole took him down, feeling his insides shift and make room for him. Marcus let out a delightful moan, thrilled to get the giant doc’s bare cock deep in his hole, waiting for him to warm up and be ready to get thoroughly pounded! [Read more]

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