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Height: 6'6"
Weight: 210 lbs

Dr. Wolf is an endocrinologist who specializes in helping young men monitor their growth. And in some cases, their lack thereof. But he understands that nothing about a short or small guy is necessarily unhealthy. In fact, it can be quite desirable. Towering over his patients at an impressive 6'6", he loves seeing the look in their eyes as they look up at him in his suit and tie. Professionally, he wants everyone to feel safe and secure in his office. Personally, he fantasizes about seeing each little guy mount up on his big cock! And when he gets the chance, he loves to make them whimper as he stretches their tiny little holes, and then completely submit under him as he pushes into their much smaller bodies.



Eric is the definition of the sweet, innocent boy-next-door. With his bright eyes, open face, and soft pouty lips, he has always been the “pretty one” in his group of friends. Despite this, he has always been self-conscious about his appearance. He’s always felt too small, too short, too smooth and too boyish. He wishes he could be bigger and taller, thinking that will make him more attractive and more appealing. Despite his perfect, soft, round bubble butt and impressive body, he’s not completely comfortable showing off or even being seen naked. It’s not until he finds himself on the doctor’s table that he begins to appreciate what he’s got… small stature and all.
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